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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Tattoo Rebellion

      Alternative rock band, The Tattoo Rebellion's familiar 90's rock sound will remind many listeners of bands like The Foo Fighters and Janes Addiction.
      The band formed after the break-up of the band Tragic Orange. "I decided to move back home to Montreal, Canada." Says band guitarist, Viko. "Phil and I had written a handful of songs and we had this great musical connection that we felt we didn’t want to lose. I reconnected with Taza (drums) and Roach (bass) from my old band and presented them with the idea to form a band. We decided to give ourselves the time to write and really dig deep down and just go back to our roots as musicians, and what had shaped us as musicians growing up. What really made us want to play music, and the rest is history."
      The band describes their sound as "90's rock on steroids" and site genres like grunge, metal and punk as sources of influence.
      The band is currently working on an album which they say is "for a generation of revolution, love, rock n roll." The band has been working on the album for several months now and has enlisted the help from Kevin Jardine of Uplift Productions and the band, Slaves on Dope. "It really took shape when our producer (Kevin Jardine) got his hands on it. It has a great rocking sound with an original edge." Says Viko.
      The band also says that through the album, they hope to send a message to listeners, telling them who they are, where they come from and what they expect from " this entire fucked generation." Also that band would like to say that "You'll have to listen to the album to hear the subliminal messages."
      The band is currently adding their finishing touches to the album and are getting things organized to start filming their videos, selecting singles, and most importanly, hitting the road to promote the upcoming album.

1 comment:

  1. Wow you guys look great and looking forward to seeing magic happen. Always looking up!!! xo