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Monday, August 8, 2011

Jade Patton, Southern Hipster Kid

      Music is like my girlfriend. I Love it, but sometimes it annoys the piss out of me. Sometimes I want to spend all day with music, and other times, I want nothing to do with it. Making, listening, and even writing about music is what I Love to do.
       I started the blog less than 4 months ago. It's hard to believe the blog is still just a baby, but it's come so far already. Based on the stats and numbers, I'm expecting the blog to break 10,000 views by the end of August. No small feat for such a young blog. The idea behind the blog is built on my passion for music. 
      Which brings me to my main point. I feel that I've come across someone with the same kind of passion and the same flare that I have for music. I've met an individual who just might like music more than me and I have the pleasure of introducing Jade Patton of the blog, Us Small Town, Southern, Hipster Kids, to everyone on Uncharted today. 
      I hope my readers show her the utmost respect in the comments (I know you will.) and I highly recommend checking out her blog as well as liking the Facebook page.

- Joe(EFFING)Mayo

And without further ado, Jade Patton:

When I'm not covering musicians or artists of other sorts, I'm out exploring on my own. One of my passions? Urban exploration and graffitti hunting. Check Out "Us Small Town Hipster Kids" For More Of These Adventures
      If you've ever bitten into the sweet taste of hot, sultry, adventure filled days and long , sleepless, music filled nights, then chances are you know something about the small town music scene in southern Louisiana. Musicians cling to their music as if it was the only source of oxygen they know. Sleep is traded for lyric writing and food is not nearly as necessary as the satisfaction of recording a new song.
      Our artists are driven, passionate, musicians of the purest form. They bleed their soul into everything they do. Their fan-base (No matter how small ) is just as passionate. Their music is real. I've had the joy of becoming intertwined with many of these aspiring artists through "Us Small Town Southern Hipster Kids" and the greatest pleasure I experience from this is not the music alone rather the musicians themselves (although one could argue there isn't much that separates the two).

They become more than musicans, they're long time friends. Spending time with members of one of my favorite bands, Stranger Stranger. Lead singer Trevor Newman and drummer DJ Rhoner
      I knew from the beginning that I couldn't just write about the bands and be finished, there was no black and white. Instead I forged relationships. They became more than a band, as with each encounter I came face to face with the people that make it up. I took the time to see another side of the artists and to learn the individuals outside of their musical element. I quickly learned this is easier said than done.
      In all truth their music IS their element. They live and breathe it, and that is what transgresses so beautifully in each individuals sound. Our area is home to a wide variety of sounds. While Red Skies at Dawn, sling their heads to heavy metal, Stranger Stranger gets deep with rich lyrics and loud rock. Monday Valentines becomes playful with sweet indie beats, and AMP'd brass band touches our Louisiana roots while adding their own flair to classic Jazz.    
      Whatever your preference, We have the sound for you and I invite you to become apart of the experience. You wont regret it.

- Jade Patton
Be sure to run over to Jade's wonderful blog, Us Small Town, Southern, Hipster Kids and to go like the blog's Facebook Page, too!

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