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Friday, August 19, 2011

Canon City

      Before becoming a "serious" band, Milwaukee punk-rock outfit Canon City performed as The Lady Gaga Tribute Band. They also performed as The Harlem Globetrotters before settling down with their current name. "We decided to look through the Wikipedia list of the top classic cowboy westerns and pick a random name- hence, Canon City. It’s apparently a town in Colorado, which must confuse lots of people. Apologies to the real Canon City."
      The band came together when their good friend Jack was involved in a car accident. "We played a lot together in high school, but went our separate ways to different colleges. In late 2009, our good buddy Jack got in a car accident and had hospital bills through the roof, so we decided to reunite with our old pals to play some cover songs at a few benefit shows. We had such a good time that it just kept going."
      The band line-up consists of Alex Meylink (guitar/vocals), Kevin Tully (guitar/vocals), Kaleb Woods (bass/vocals), and Rick Romenesko (drums).

      The Milwaukee band is very proud of where they come from. "We love the Midwest. It’s definitely the most promising area for music right now. Milwaukee has a super strong and growing punk scene- there’s some great bands like Lowtalker (or anything else on Fuck City Records for that matter). We’re actually a suburb band, but we love playing at the Miramar Theater- when our friends aren’t getting kicked out for being too drunk."
     Each member of the band has his own share of influence. "Rick and I are pretty punk rock oriented, our bassist Kaleb rocks a lot of pop punk and hardcore stuff and I like to call our guitarist Kevin an indie bastard- he has probably the most eclectic and legitimately good taste out of the group." Says Alex.

      The band released their self-titled EP in March of 2011. Coincidentally, the main focus of the EP was aimed at nostalgia. "it turned out to be a bunch of songs about nostalgia and me realizing I drink too much. I think it musically reveals how obsessed I am with the Lawrence Arms." Says Alex.
      This fall, the band is set to record their first full-length album, Liars, in Minneapolis. "The lyrics are a lot more personal, relationship and experience based than about drinking and high school. Plus, you don’t have to hear my shitty voice as much- Kevin and Kaleb will be singing quite a bit more, and they’re a whole hell of a lot better."
      "Lots and lots of sweat, bro moments and alcohol abuse." That's how the band describes their performances. "Our mantra is 'if your voice isn’t gone, then you’re not really singing. If you’re not caked in sweat, then you’re not really trying.'"The band will be touring this winter to support their release.

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