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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


      The hardcore band, Barrier, formed recently in July. After writing a few songs, the band decided on the name based on the fact that their material focused on overcoming obstacles or barriers.
      Based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, the band is surrounded by many hardcore/metal bands. "There are definitely a lot of new metal/hardcore bands starting up around here which is always great to have bands to play with and listen to and everything. It's the most common genre for bands around here it seems like. Some of our best friends are in a metal band called Sworn In, although they aren't from Buffalo Grove, they're from right around here in Grayslake. There aren't a ton of venues to play at right around here, but it's cool to play in front of people who otherwise wouldn't hear your music when you're farther away from home."
      The members had been playing in other bands together and wanted to start something new and heavy. "It's definitely fun to be in a band with good friends AND good musicians." Says the band.
      The band is influenced by bands like The Contortionist, Legion and other metal/hardcore bands. They describe their sound as heavy, a bit melodic, and "bouncy". They feel that the vocals help give their music a "flow" and a sort of percussion role, as well as bringing emotion. The band has been compared to bands like Volumes and The Acacia Strain.
      The band is in the process of writing their EP. "Although we don't have a date set yet, we're thinking maybe a fall or early winter release is likely. The music will be hard hitting and we think it will go over well. The lyrics are about bettering yourself and resolving internal conflicts and obstacles. In the meantime though, look out for new songs we'll be posting along the way."
      The band is going to continue focusing on recording music, and giving it their all. They hope to play a few shows and try to better themselves as musicians as well as get the word spread about the new band from Buffalo Grove. "Hopefully people like our music and we'll just keep doing what we're doing to improve."

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