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Friday, July 1, 2011

To Every Cynic

      45 minutes outside of St. Louis, MO, in Greenville, IL, home of Paper Route and Jars of Clay, you'll find melodic-hardcore band, To Every Cynic. The story behind the band name was simple, they felt the word "cynic" would catch people's attention. They then decided that their music could be interpretated as a message to the cynics of the world. "We have a lot of scriptural and positive influences in our content." Says band guitarist/vocalist, Stephen Lauterbach. Stephan happens to be the only remaining original member in the band.

      The band consists of  Caleb Loeppky (guitar), Nick Robertson (vocals), and Stephen Lauterbach (guitar/vocals)

      The band sounds similar to We Came As Romans, Oh, Sleeper and Of Mice & Men. And released their most recent EP, Leaving Your Burdens, on May 23rd. The most recent release is a slight change from the bands previous, more ambient, music. "First off, it's in a lower, heavier tuning." Explains Stephen, "The singing is more polished, we incorporated some programming, and the quality is the best that we have been able to produce.  It also shows our versatility and variety. It uses more riffing and breakdowns.  We also started to use some orchestral backup and a few digital influences."

      The band originally came about when several members met at the local college. "We all met at Greenville College and most of us were either in the audio engineering program or some kind of performance major.  I am from Cleveland where there is a pretty large hardcore scene.  Coming to Greenville, I was looking to start up a band in that genre.  It took me 3 months to find people who even liked that stuff." Says Stephen.

      As far as accomplishments go, To Every Cynic has a few badges of honor. The band has over 30 shows to their name and have played Agape Fest, a student-run music festival put on by Greenville College. Previous festival performancers include Skillet, Becoming The Archtype and Third Day. It happened to be the band's first festival and they really enjoyed the experience. They even had a heart-to-heart with a young kid.

      Last year in St. Louis, the band won the Battle of the Bands hosted by The Point radio station. The interesting and funny experience is best told by Stephen himself.
"We knew the radio station was hosting the event, but we had no idea they would be airing us.  We were in the middle of our set when all of a sudden the DJ came up and said, 'Play your single. You're on in 30 seconds.'  Everybody in the band looked at each other. We couldn't believe it! 
      I was super nervous.  I think the rest of the guys were, too.  As soon as they gave us the cue, we just laid into it and let it rip!  It was such a huge blessing for sure.  So many of our friends came to see us play.  It was just great!   
      What I remember most about that performance is a comment given to me after the set.  A grungy, washed-up looking guy with a mustache came up to me and said, 'I hate your pants but I love your music.'  That made me laugh, and I'll never forget it.
      We celebrated by all going out to a local trucker restaurant that we frequent, called Pokey's.  We had us some greasy breakfast food and then went home to sleep."

      The band also has their new single "Hope In Anguish" playing on MFN: Heavy Radio in Chicago and they also have a teaser for the "Silence, The Killer" music video, set to be released later this summer! Check the band out on Facebook and follow them on twitter! Also, the band doesn't have a drummer, so any drummers in the area can send them an application!

      The brand new EP, Leaving Your Burdens, is on sale for $5.00 at get yourself a digital copy today!

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  1. \m/ i love these guys so much i'm actually a friend of nick's and we talk via facebook alot and he gives me advice i have a band of the same genre and these guys are such an amazing influence!