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Friday, May 6, 2011

1000+ Views; Thank You

joeEFFINGmayo Thanks You!
      Ok, so the blog, just about 3 weeks old, has reached 1000+ page views and I'd like to take some time out to properly thank everyone who took the time to check out the blog and all the bands that gave me their time. I want to thank everyone who have given me positive feedback about the blog and everyone who has told me they appreciated what I was doing.

      I want to thank Nate Gustafson, of A Journey to Fall, for being supportive as well as Alex Mienert, lead singer of Luna Stella, who I had the privilege of meeting on the Cinco De Mayo. I'd like to thank Rigo 'Souless' Aviles, Diego Morales, and Eric Ross, friends of mine who have showed great interest and support for the blog. I'd like to thank Mason Lovell for letting me cover Feckbawlz Fest, even though he had no idea whether or not I was capable of writing an article, ha.

      Again, thanks to everybody who checks up on the blog! I hope I thanked everybody, if not, I'm sorry! Suggest the blog to all your FB friends and don't forget to like the FB page


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