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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reckless Redemption

Reckless Redemption

      Rockford metalcore band, Reckless Redemption, though formed in February of '08 (earlier attempts to start the band date back to '06), didn't really hit the scene until January of '11. The band is vocalist, Matt Huff, guitarists, Craig Goodwin and Tommy Gray, bassist, Nick Masingill, and drummer, Matt Masingill.

      With the exception of a song about zombies, the band tends to try and write really honest and real songs about life experiences, violence, and overcoming struggles.

      The band has done well, considering they have played just one show shy of ten. Their first show took place in late November and went as well as it could have. "(we had) Matt on drums, Craig on guitar, (and) I (Huff) did vocals. We played in Scott Snow's garage. he is in a great band called Witness The Burning. We didn’t even have a bass player. (I was) nervous as hell and freezing my a@$ off. it was pretty good did 5 song set" Recalls Matt.

Reckless Redemption
      In February, the band opened up for national act, Adema. "The Adema show went very well, probably one of the best shows we played." Says Huff. "Meeting them was cool, our drummer actually keeps in touch with their drummer, I guess they have a new album (in) the works as well"

      The band played April 16th at Bar 3 with Force Fed Chaos, Shellshock Rodeo, Witch Beulah, and Patchwork. The band estimated a turnout of 60-70 people.

      The band is excitedly awaiting Knockout Mayhem 5, the metal show being held at 5PM on Saturday, June 11th at Take 20 Bar & Grill in Cherry Valley. Beyond Threshold, Force Fed Chaos, Valiant, Warmouth, Nihilist Nation, 29 Needles, Witness the Burning, Reckless Redemption, Truth Burns Cold, & Marquette are all set to play.

Take 20 Bar & Grill
      "We're all pretty stoked about (the show and) playing with a bunch of great metal bands. I think it will be a great turn out, We're just getting noticed and its on Craig's birthday, (we) can't wait and (we) hope we get some good (mosh)pits" Says the band.

      The band has an EP in the works, and is looking to record new music and continue playing shows with bands they Love and hope to get signed somewhere down the road. Don't forget to like the band's Facebook and show them support at Knockout Mayhem 5 this June! They are also looking to book some shows before June!

Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 815-980-8683


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