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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Luna Stella

Luna Stella
Photo: Rocky Morgan

      In the summer of '09, Ian McLaughlin began writing songs on the guitar, these instrumental songs would later become the basis for band, Luna Stella.

      Joe Mitchell would join on the drums in the following December after leaving his previous band. Death Will Ensue. Before they could play any shows, they needed a bassist. Joe asked a friend of his, Taylor Cleveland, to play for them. agreed and a few weeks later they began playing as a three piece instrumental band. This would be Ian's first band.

      Their first show was at Swilligan's Pub in Rockford and the band remembers everything going well. They used the name Luna Stella, meaning moon and stars in Latin. They played instrumentally for several months before hearing from friend, Doug Warriner, who was drumming for Oh So Secret (now Steady Hands), that band mate Alex Meinert left the band. They met Alex in June of 2010 and several weeks later, he joined the line-up as lead vocalist.

      Things started getting a little tricky and drummer, Joe Mitchell, left the band due to personal matters. The band turned to former Another Hero Dies drummer, Matt Barker, to record a song and play a very large show with Dance Gavin Dance. unfortunately, he was unable to stay with the band, and the band looked for a replacement drummer for the DGD show.

      They, again, turned to friend Doug Warriner for help and he played drums for the band's show. After he left his band, Oh So Secret, he became a permanent member.

      The band has 2 songs recorded at Rock Valley College, the local community college. They also have a five song EP that they recorded themselves. They will be professionally recording in late summer.

      What began as a progressive, math based, instrumental band has slowly transformed into a progressive rock band with melodic and pop elements. To date, they have played about fifty shows and say they would like to play in Tokyo like Cheap Trick, although, it is uncertain as to how serious the statement was. The band is very silly when it comes to interviews, but they are definitely a treat to talk to.

      Like them on Facebook and don't forget to see them May 13th with At The Uproar and Alone City Streets at the ELB in Rockford!


(Originally posted on Examiner)

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